HiThing! is the definitive social network in chat format, as shown in this video. You can see a person chatting with (i) an artificial intelligence, ourvirtual assistant Vinci; (Ii) a smart building, its various sensors and facilities, and (iii) a co-worker (human).


#CognitiveIoT #NLP #domotics real prototype connecting all kind of intelligence up-and-running in Murcia, Spain. This video shows how to easily interact (actually just chatting in natural language) with an Artificial Intelligence assistant - Vinci -, with a smart building and with fellow humans utilising the same single chat app to do it all. More cognitive functionalities will be added over time. 
HiThing! has been scaled upon Softlayer, an IBM company. Proasistech Smart Solutions is deeply grateful to IBM and SAP-HANA for their support, resp. IBM's Global Entrepreneur program, and SAP-HANA's Startup Focus and Development Accelerator initiatives.

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