our technology makes it possible to communicate with machines and things to make services for citizens more available

Our technology and devices, which are based on artificial intelligence and auto programming smart networks, offer cutting edge solutions and are the forefront of the market to humanize machines, devices and things that can interact in a city putting emphasis on services for citizens.



ARTIFICIAL intelligence that humanize machines and things

Have you ever had problems with a machine and you do not know what is causing them?

Would you like to ask it what has happened? What if in stead of asking, the thing or machine reports on its performance, problems or just ask you about your preferences at a set time? HiThing! makes it possible. We can communicate with things and machines, they can answer back in a natural way. You do not have to know pre-programmed  commands to give orders to a machines. Express what you need and HiThing! translates it into the language of machines.

HiThing is a platform with a social net format that interconnects and enables people to communicate with artificial intelligence. It enables people to chat with things and even make things chat among them. We are pioneers for this technology worldwide having international  patents that accredit it.

HiThing! uses the latest technology in Artificial Intelligence and language process: ontology and learning.

We develop solutions for multiple apps for various fields and sectors, for example, household devices, home appliances, laboratories, industry, health, care for the elderly and handicapped, clinical systems, etc.

 HiThing! is a global solution for our global world that enables machines and things to interact among them without human intervention.

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This is a specially designed public lighting control system in Smart Cities. Due to its design SENCOnet Control Lighting neurons are easily installed in public lighting luminaries. They are compatibles with any type of lighting, with ON/OFF switch and/or 0-10 volts regulator for both led and sodium vapour.

These neurons let us control each point or per group as well as program switch on through pre-programmed regulatory curves. Available for one or two channels with individual control

This neurons generate an automatic smart net of communication without human intervention due to their single control  algorithm  developed by Proasistech. Using  this net, the city will be able to not only transfer information for lighting management and control but also add data of parking lot sensors, environmental quality monitoring, location of missing objects, traffic conditions, information about the city on panels,  garden control and watering, delivery points of RSU, etc.

Citizens and people could access all this city sensible information using their mobile phone.


Datasheet /Pdf



Smart lighting in buildings

SENCOnet Control Lighting Building neurons enable us to control  and manage all the building lighting in an easy and simple way. This wireless solution pull down the barriers of cables. Just using a press button, app or switchboard, all the lightning divided in sections or luminaries sections are controlled. This system is compatible with any type of lighting: ON/OFF control or 0-10 volts regulator.

Available for 1 or 2 channels or individual control.

You can experience total control over your lighting with SENCOnet:  the forefront of technology.

Datasheet/ pdf




SENCOnet Environ Control neurons enable us to remotely  monitor environmental parameters in several rooms and places, cold rooms, fridges, sections, etc. Being wireless, SENCOnet Environ Control neurons can monitor several points simultaneously.

This neurons generate an automatic smart net of communication without human intervention due to their single controlled algorithm  created by Proasistech.

Environmental monitoring registers are compatible with a great number of programs both local and remote.

SENCOnet Environ Control equipment  reduces energy consumption and guarantees  more than a year battery duration. Available in IP44 up to IP65 version.




turn your city into a tourist agent

SENCOnet Smart Sightseeing neurons are nodes radar. These high performance electronic devices monitor in real time via WIFI/Bluetooth. Its purpose is to recount number of devices in real time, its input, stay and output as well as other neurons rank and data for the SENCOnet Smart Sightseeing net.

These neurons are connected through Ethernet or a network communication 2G/3G/4G  card specially designed to be installed indoors or outdoors. SENCOnet Smart Sightseeing neurons enable the operator to choose from various operating modes. An operator could choose type of communication to scan, Wifi/Bluetooth as well as various types of programming with high parameters so as to adapt the node to the network.

SENCOnet Smart Sightseeing neurons have programming input and output. In this way, the agent is able to control external factors, receive and manage external signals. This characteristics are useful for alarms and security systems. It can have an intelligent electronic system de rearme.


Datasheet/ pdf



senconet net smart management 

SENCOnet coordinator nodes are designed on micro processing technology with  great advantages for operation . They adapt to different scenarios and needs. This coins a new concept of information processing for multitask process monitoring. A single  device that can work with multiple sources of communication at the same time. In other words, the end user has access to local and cloud work that is easily, agile and 100% reliable.

Various Smart Solutions are offered by SENCOnet coordinator nodes being an excellent choice for wired and wireless applications. The Bridge function enables the user to combine both technologies in the same machine.

Each user can program a tailor-made solution so as to process, communicate and control all through hardware and software SENCOnet solutions

Datasheet / pdf

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